Polymer Clay Stud earrings

Polymer Clay Stud earrings

Polymer Clay Stud earrings

In this section you will find beautiful stud earrings.There are many styles and sizes, from teeny- tiny simply chic pairs to larger intricately patterned or textured pairs. What all of these stud earrings have in common is that they are incredibly lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear.

(psssst....I will send you a free spare pair of backs with each pair, just incase you misplace one!!)

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Square Stud Earrings

Swirl Series



Polymer Clay and Silver Plated posts.

£14.50 *

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Round Stud Earrings

Paisley Batique

'Hot Orange'


Polymer Clay with silver plated posts

£14.50 *

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Hand made polymer clay stud earrings.

£15.00 *

In stock

Tiny hand made polymer clay square monochrome spiral stud earrings.

£12.00 *

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