About us

About us

About us


That's a bit tongue-in-cheek as there is only me!

Planet Isis is a 'one woman' venture.

I am a Polymer Clay artist  and Planet Isis is the business I started in 2012 to sell my handmade jewellery designs.

I am lucky enough to be living very close to a small market town called Alford, in Lincolnshire, which has a vibrant arts and crafts scene promoted by Aford Craft Market for over 40 years.

Originally, then, I started out as an artisan vendor at various craft events and have continued to attend a great many events in and around Lincolnshire.
I started my webshop in 2014 in order to reach a greater audience and so....here we are....

What  I offer for sale is jewellery that incorperates a strong polymer clay element, made by me, with a fusion of supporting elements such as glass, metal or semi-precious beads to create the finished piece.

By using different processes I am able to create intricately patterned pieces, which are made using similar techniques to those employed by glass makers. These patterns are intrinsic to the material and not, as many people often think, painted onto the surface.

Alternatively some of my pieces are made from clay that I have textured and enhanced in various ways to produce a number of different effects.

The joy of Polymer Clay is its lightweight nature, so even larger pieces are light and easy to wear. This  a particular advantage in pieces such as earrings. Its colours are ideal for mixing and blending which enables me to produce a vast range of colours, tones and shades which I use to create my signature pallete to further increase the originality of my designs.

My style is quite eclectic, my influences come from both the art world and the 'Poly-Clay' world, nature and my rural-coastal surroundings.... my designs are in constant evolution.

 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I can often adapt designs to suit your particular needs and am happy to help if I can. 

Many of my dangle earrings for example can be adapted to a stud fitting rather than the 'fishook' style fitting supplied and, if the colourways will allow, I can also exchange Silver-Plated earring hooks for 925 Sterling Silver ones.

Where there is an option to change the length of a pendant or choker I will usually have mentioned that in the descriptive text-but please feel free to use the Contact Us form to ask any questions you might have about an item.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen so far...and perhaps have been tempted to buy something for yourself or for a friend. Please come back and visit the 'Planet' again...there will always be new items being added. 


Don't forget if you would like to see Planet Isis 'live' pop over to my 'What's on-Where' page for information on where I will be this year.