Mocha and Blue,Polymer ClayTriple Dangle Bead Cable Choker 'Mocha Klimpt'

Mocha and Blue,Polymer ClayTriple Dangle Bead Cable Choker 'Mocha Klimpt'

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  • The polymer clay 'triple-dangle' bead provides the focus in this contemporary design which is simple and uncluttered. 
  • Oblong beads decreasing in size create a pleasingly tapered single unit joined with a semi-rigid cord (buna-cord) allowing the 'triple' to flex a little with movement.
  • The surface abstract design is complex with shades of chocolate and mocha with accents of sky blue, turquoise and white contained in a thin frame of darkest glistening chocolate brown. 
  • The highly polished front surface has a beautifully smooth feel whilst the reverse is gently textured make it comfortable when worn against the skin.
  • I have used a black nylon coated cable choker in this design, it descretely takes a 'back-seat' allowing the 'triple' to take centre stage. The cable has a 'barrel' screw fastening which I have also covered in black polymer clay, this virtually elliminates the contact of metal to the skin making this design wearable even if you have a mild metal allergy.
  • Although originally intended to be worn on a cable choker , this design does work equally well when threaded onto chain therefore I have detailed alternative variations that are available....for further information click on the images below this description.

Please note that the triple bead is the same bead as in the main description...the variation is in the necklace/cable material only.

Dimensions of Focal Bead (measurements are approximate and for guidance)

  • Largest Bead...42mm (1 3/4inch) x 25mm (1inch)
  • Medium...25mm (1inch) x 15mm (1/2inch)
  • Small.... 10mm (1/4inch) x 25mmm (1inch)
  • Total drop...82mm (3inches)


  • Polymer Clay
  • Buna Cord
  • Nylon coated Cable choker approx 18inches (457mm)
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