Dayl Goulsbra-Jones

My eye is drawn by shape, texture and colour, whether that be ‘made’ or from nature and these elements influence my designs.  There are themes within my work that I return to often, with new design possibilities inspiring me to evolve those themes further.

Making jewellery that is well crafted and comfortable to wear is important. I want my clients to have pieces that are visually rich and that have an individuality that speaks to them.
I hand fabricate each piece of jewellery using polymer clay as my main material. The versatility of my medium, which is both lightweight and durable, makes it perfect for creating unique, handmade beads and decorative veneers. 

One of my signature design features is that I create most of my neck-pieces to be reversible.  I have also developed a fastening system that allows my pendants to have an adjustable length.  These features make my pieces very versatile, which I believe is important for my clients.     

I began my business, Planet Isis in 1992 but it wasn’t until 2012 that polymer clay jewellery became my primary focus. This was also when I created my website.  Whilst I really value going out to art events with my designs, it is a great opportunity to meet clients and get great insight and feedback, I have found that having a website gives my clients, both local and those who are further away the possibility of shopping with me at any time and viewing designs that may not appear on my exhibition stands.